With the recent rise in the Nasdaq and the shift into tech stocks on a potential Fed hike coming is Booking Holdings Inc worth considering on a short term basis? Especially as hunger for travel is expected if/when travel restrictions finally lift.

Over the last 15 years, Booking Holdings Inc has risen a total of 11 times in 15 years between June 28 and August 10 with an average return of +9.18%. The largest gain was in 2010 with a huge 56.45% gain. The largest loss was in 2012 with a significant -12.48% loss.

Major Trade Risks:

  • Any further hawkish policy from the Federal Reserve is liable to cause stocks to weaken in the near term could potentially hinder growth.
  • Also, any sense of the Delta variant slowing lockdowns will be important going forward.

Booking Holdings Inc. is an American travel technology company organised in Delaware and based in Norwalk, Connecticut, that owns and operates several travel fare aggregators and travel fare metasearch engines.