Airlines have been growing increasingly confident that vaccinated travelers can once again boost air travel demand. COVID-19 in the west is fast becoming a disease that societies live with rather than try to isolate from. On Wednesday Boeing will release its earnings data. Will the optimism for returning travelers be seen in its future projections and will that boost share prices?

Boeing shares have a reasonably strong period from a seasonal perspective showing gains during May into the start of June. Over the last 25 years, between April 29 and June 07, Boeing shares have gained 14 times with an average return of over 4%. The maximum gain was a massive 65% during 2020 and that just goes to show that often the largest recoveries in stocks come after the largest falls.

Will Boeing shares gain again during this time this year? Will earnings on Wednesday give Boeing shares a lift?

Major Trade Risks: If other major earnings releases from Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta, and Microsoft disappoint this week then that could weigh on broader sentiment and cause Boeing shares to fall.