After the close on Thursday Amazon will release its latest earnings. This week Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta (Facebook) all release their earnings. The point investors should note these huge companies make up around 18% of the entire S&P500 index. So, this is why these big-name earnings releases can weigh so heavily on broader investor sentiment.

Ahead of Amazon’s release on Thursday, we can see that Amazon’s shares tend to have a strong period during the normally quieter summer months. Over the last 15 years, between April 30 and July 15, Amazon shares have gained 12 times with an average return of over 6.5%. The maximum gain was over 21% in 2020 and the largest loss was in 2008’s global financial crisis with more than a 14% loss.

Will Amazon shares gain again during this time this year? Will earnings on Thursday give them a summer lift?

Major Trade Risks: If earnings releases from Apple disappoint on Thursday then that could weigh on broader stock sentiment on growth concerns.