Trade Solana with a 1-pip spread!

We’ve added Solana vs US Dollar (SOLUSD) to our extensive list of cryptos on our MT5 trading platform. Solana vs US Dollar (SOLUSD) is available under the following trading terms: 5% margin, 1:20 leverage, and a minimum trade size of 10 lots.

To celebrate the launch of SOLUSD in HYCM’s range of crypto, a time-limited offer ending at 6:00 AM GMT+2 on Thursday, 16th December, will allow traders to trade SOL with a low 1-pip spread for the first twenty-four hours, before reverting back to a 300-pip spread.


What’s so special about Solana?

  • It’s currently one of the biggest cryptos, ranking 5th in market cap.
  • It is outperforming recent newsmakers like ADA and DOGE (also available at HYCM)
  • It’s one of the fastest blockchains with a theoretical peak capacity of 65,000 transactions per second, 10,000 times faster than Bitcoin and 2.5 times faster than VISA.
  • 2018 seed sale: SOL traded around $0.04 and now it is trading around $166, giving a staggering ROI of 414,900%!

By trading cryptocurrencies with HYCM, traders benefit from the safety of an established and regulated broker and the ability to withdraw funds at any time without the need for an exchange. There are only a handful of CFD brokers that offer Solana on their platform, and we are proud to be one of them. Don’t miss out!