Bloomberg recently had an article outlining the green metals that they see being set for gains. The reason for the gains is the extra demand on them that is expected due to the world’s move towards clean, green energy. Here is the rundown as solar panels, wind farms, and electric vehicles replace petrol and coal.

By 2060 around 85% of the primary energy supply is set to from renewables, with wind and solar taking the lions’ share.

Here are some of the metals most necessary for the new energy technology:

One metal not mentioned above is that of silver. According to Bloomberg estimates, Solar panels with the power capacity of a gigawatt need about 18.5 tons of silver. With the total gross capacity set to be 300 gigawatts that means that 5,550 tonnes of silver is projected to be used by 2030. There is around 1.75 million tonnes of silver already discovered in the world and around another 560,000 still to be discovered, so that means that there is not an obvious shortage of silver to meet this demand. However, if precious metals are rising anyway this shouldn’t do any harm to be well aware of. Copper demand looks set to keep growing and should make copper a good long term buy on the dips. See the chart at the top.