Learning to trade should be treated like studying for any profession. It takes time and practice. Some traders shy away from teaching others how to trade because it can feel like an uphill battle. Even more so when you consider that you will always be learning new things about trading. Also, correlations that worked three years ago can suddenly be no longer working. So, who would write a book on trading? Brent Donnelly would and it is a good job he did as it is a good book. The ‘Art of Currency Trading’ is a good one-stop book for getting the key fundamentals down in your trading.

The book itself will not be all that you need to know about abbey trading. No book ever can be. Also, if you don’t love trading then it is hard to see how you can ever persevere in it. It is just too hard. However, if you are just getting started in trading and want to know how to trade the most challenging of all markets then this is your book to read.

The best way to read the book is to read it twice. First time read it quickly and then go over the concepts slowly. You could honestly write a short book about some of the topics in their own right, but Donnelly’s book does a great job in laying down the framework. Ideally, what you will then need is a mentor to take you through the core concepts as you practise them in real market conditions. However, Brent’s book comes highly recommended.