Reading central bank statements is valuable research. And not just the bullet points!

For new traders, reading central bank statements brings you up to speed on global outlooks. Central banks depend on stable monetary policy for their nations, so of course, they need to be informed of the global picture. These statements will in effect provide you with a potted summary of what is happening around the world.

Sometimes bullet points skew the emphasis, taking something out of context or omit a significant point buried within the statement. These slight shifts can together cumulate and at the worst, nullify the meaning. Or sometimes with the passage of time, something within the statement has gained new emphasis that wasn’t so apparent when the bullet points were produced. Reading the entirety puts you in a good place to spot these things yourself. You will know the context and be better placed to spot any inconsistencies in the bullet points.

Ultimately, this extra level of research is like investing in yourself! Information goes into your subconscious and helps you develop your convictions and gut feel. This will in time give you an extra edge when trading.