Listen to the latest market mood for the Platinum.

In 24 of the last 25 years platinum has gained in value from December 20 through to February 28, so it is potentially a great time to buy platinum. On top of this rising price, platinum is also projected to have a 2020 supply level of 6738 koz versus a demand level of 7940 koz. So, this means there is a supply shortage to meet demand.

Furthermore, projected supply levels according to the World Platinum Investment Council are expected to rise to 7865 koz. However, demand is again expected to exceed supply in 2021 with a level of 8089 koz.

Therefore, expect Platinum buyers on pullbacks and breakouts.

Trade Risks: The main risk to this trade is if there is a sharp risk-off tone which boosts the USD higher and causes Platinum to fall.