Listen to the latest market mood for the Platinum.

The outlook for Platinum medium term remains to the upside on global recovery hopes and structural weakness in supply levels as highlighted by the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC). See here. However, since the WPIC report Platinum prices have already risen considerably. So, the most recent highs may be all for now.

However, the strong seasonal factors for Platinum, combined with the fundamental outlook for the metal, mean that dips lower should find buyers. From February 10 to February 18 Platinum has risen 12 times in the last 15 years for an annualised return of 132.81%. The largest gain was in 2008 with a +8.83% rise.

Platinum dips should find buyers over the next few days.

Trade Risks:

  • The main risk to this trade is from any risk-off tones which pull commodities lower.
  • Any expected outperformance of the US derived from Fed’s Powell comments on Wednesday could strengthen the USD and drag Platinum lower.