Listen to the latest market mood for today’s session.

The market is in crash conditions as huge moves, wide spreads and high volatility is seen across multiple markets. A number of US Share indices have ceased trading due to ‘limit down rules’ where the US indices futures markets hit the Limit Down price threshold. There are a few things to say of note for today’s trading.

  • Do not over-leverage. The use of high leverage will result in large and heavy impacts on your trading accounts.
  • Expect risk-off moves: JPY, CHF, Gold strength and AUD, NZD and CAD weakness
  • Look for bargains. After OPEC+ failed to reach a production agreement last week we have seen a ‘price war’ now break out as US crude crashes down more than -28%!. Look for bargain buyers from $10 a barrel today.

Risks to this outlook: This is a day where risk is highly elevated and there are huge dangers from multiple markets instability.