Markets are increasingly bullish on airlines with a string of positive headlines coming out this week. The CEO of American Airlines is reported to have told a JPMorgan conference that he has personally been buying other airline stock. United Airlines reports that following the Omicron Covid peak demand for travel exceeds prior expectations. Also, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and Jet Blue have all upgraded current-quarter revenue forecasts with them all expecting a recovery in air travel demand.

So, is this time to start looking at buying airline stock? Southwest Airlines tends to give a stronger second half of the year, so could this be the right time to buy the stock ahead of a potentially stronger second half of the year?

Over the last 15 years, Southwest Airlines has risen 11 times between June 25 and December 02. The percentage of winning trades has been 73.33% and the average gain has been 11.32%.

Major Trade Risks:

  • Risk-off markets would typically result in stock weakness.
  • An aggressive rate hiking cycle by the Fed would also weigh on global stock prices.