Intel is an American multinational corporation & technology company headquartered in California in Silicon Valley. With the prospect of US policy normalisation looming overstocks, it may be worth considering the strong seasonals that this well-known stock company offers. Remember too that when the Fed announced bond tapering in 2013 stocks fell very sharply. However, they did quickly bounce back. Tech stocks are particularly sensitive to US rate hikes, so being aware of Intel’s seasonal pattern can be helpful here for timing entries.

Over the last 10 years, Intel has risen 90% of the time between September 10 and January 01 with an average return of +9.98%. The largest gain was in 2017 with a 31.75% gain. The largest loss was in 2012 where the DAX registered a -7.13% loss.

Major Trade Risks: Any very fast US economic recovery could result in more aggressive action by the Fed making conditions even harder for stocks.