One of the biggest stories in 2019 has been the global growth concern which was trigged between the US and China trade war.

With the US and China making up around 40% of the world’s GDP, you can see why the market was so concerned and focused on these trade deals. And obviously, where the US and China go, the rest of the world will follow. A booming US and China will bring the rest of the world with it, and a failing US and China will drag down the rest of the world.

So the focus has been on the US-China trade relationship, and of course, President Trump has been making several statements. This antagonistic relationship between the US and China is expected to carry on in 2020.

in this video Giles Coghlan, the Chief Currency Analyst at HYCM, shows the currency pair he personally likes to trade on the optimism and pessimism of the global growth story between the US and China.