After Will Ferrell did an advert promoting EVs for General Motors during the latest Super Bowl, which company will benefit most? Will it be GM itself? Or, other EV manufacturers like Ford, or even Tesla?

In the advert, the famous US actor, Will Ferrell, drives a variety of different GM electric vehicles through different Netflix shows. At one stage Will Ferrell even dresses up as Dusty from the hit ‘Stranger Things’ TV series. The advert was used to announce that Netflix will feature electric vehicles in its original shows. If you missed the Super Bowl GM ad you can catch it here alongside the others.

The philosophy behind the ad and the partnership is that electric vehicles are given the platform they deserve to capture a growing amount of public attention. This public attention is growing in its desire to address environmental concerns via the purchase of electric vehicles.

GM is set to invest $35 billion globally in EVs and AVs through 2025. It has also announced that it is going to invest $28 million in expanding GM’s battery testing lab in Warren, Michigan. By 2025, GM aims to sell one million electric vehicles per year in its two largest markets, China and North America.

One of GM’s most successful EVs has been the Bolt EV which, since its introduction in 2017, has seen global sales top more than 100,000. Furthermore, in the US, three-quarters of those buyers were new customers to GM. So, will GM manage to capture more of the EV market going forward? Or will its advert end up benefitting electric vehicles in general, including competitors like Tesla and Ford, more?

In the end, only time will tell. However, one thing is certain. The future of vehicles is now an electric one and riding the electric wave with the right manufacturer will prove profitable for the ultimate winners. Will GM’s rise be one of them? Make sure to have a look at GM’s strong seasonal pattern around year-end here and take it into consideration.