Everywhere we look it is doom and gloom. One of the sad things about working in finance is seeing trouble coming before most of your friends and family. Many thought that some people and media were overreacting about COVID-19. In February, there were hopes that this COVID-19 would just be the ‘flu’ in a different form. Sadly, these hopes were wrong. COVID-19 is no joke and most of the world is sat at home while stock markets tumble, oil looks like it’s heading to $10 and below, and some unfortunate few are losing their lives. These are sad times and we are living through a historic moment. Those who come out of this time will come into a different world. However, not everyone is being battered by the storm.

Weathering the storm

European shares are heading for their worst quarterly drop in 33 years. However, among the multitude of losers, there are some winners bucking the trend and not just surviving, but thriving. The main winners have been health care companies, food deliverers and video-game makers. Traditional defensive sectors have also seen increasing demand.

Take a look at this chart below outlining some of the European winners: