Crypto trading has become a popular activity and has brought many new people to the financial market, most of whom have never traded or invested in anything, let alone crypto. With this popularization of crypto trading and the sheer number of people who trade on this market, it should not be surprising that a few cryptocurrency trading pairs stand out despite there being over 21,000 cryptos to choose from.

But why are these crypto pairs so popular? We will examine this today. So, without further ado, let’s explore the most common crypto trading pairs.

Most common crypto trading pairs

When looking at the most common crypto trading pairs, it should not be surprising that they comprise the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market. Despite over 21,000 cryptocurrencies, most of the market is occupied by just a few tokens, which people are most interested in. Because of this, most common crypto pairs usually consist of large cryptocurrencies, and almost every crypto exchange or broker allows you to trade these pairs. Below, we will look at some of the most common ones. We will only look at the trading pairs of cryptocurrencies, so pairs with Forex currencies, like BTC/USD and ETH/USD, will not be on this list.


The most common crypto trading pair combines the two largest cryptocurrencies on the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum. This should not be surprising as Bitcoin is the largest crypto on the market, and Ethereum, the second most expensive cryptocurrency, is also the most used blockchain in the world. Because of this, the interest and demand on this pair are high, and many traders use this pair for their trading activities. You can look at this pair similarly to the EUR/USD pair in the Forex market regarding popularity and adaptation. Because of this, almost every crypto exchange or broker has this as their main trading pair.


The second most popular crypto trading pair is BTC/USDT. Here, we can see a pattern, which is that Bitcoin is present in a large number of these pairs. In this case, it is the most straightforward way to trade with Bitcoin using crypto. Since USDT is the most popular stablecoin that maintains a $1 value, trading it with Bitcoin makes trading easier and more effective. This is so because you know exactly how much you are trading, and unlike BTC/ETH, where the price might be complicated to comprehend at one glance, this BTC/USDT pair is easy to understand. Therefore, almost every cryptocurrency will have a pair with USDT or other stablecoins.


The next common crypto trading pair on our list combines the most popular meme token and the largest crypto on the market. Despite being a meme token, Doge maintains its place in the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies and has become a popular token to trade. This popularity stems from the Doge having good volatility, and it commonly jumps up in price due to hype, such as a tweet by Elon Musk. When Doge skyrocketed a couple of years ago, many people bought this token and became familiar with it. Even after falling from that height, it remained an active currency in the market. This makes Doge a good pairing for BTC and a good asset to trade with in almost every exchange.


We can only mention Doge by mentioning Shiba Inu, as both are meme tokens that broke barriers and are now on the list of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. This connection between them creates an interest in these tokens, and because of this, their trading pair, SHIB/DOGE or DOG/SHIB, is one of the most common trading pairs on crypto exchanges. Their volatility further boosts their popularity, as both are meme tokens, and their volatility fluctuates quite often. If you are looking for a pair with high volatility and both tokens inside the top 20 largest token list, this is a pair to go for.


While the popularity of this pair might have fallen a little, Solana and Ethereum are still commonly paired on the market. This is thanks to these cryptocurrencies being designed for the same purposes, with Solana coming later and people calling it the Ethereum killer. Because of this, we will see most blockchain-based companies accepting both of these tokens, with a good example being OpenSea, which allows minting with both SOL and ETH. With this in mind, we can see why this is a common pair to trade with, but after Solana crashed last year, the popularity dropped.

Should we trade with these pairs?

As some of the most common cryptocurrency pairs, it should be easy to tell that trading with these tokens is a good idea. But saying this is your best decision might sometimes be correct. Try trading with these common pairs if you want the best stability (in crypto terms), but trying lesser-known pairs might yield some great potential profits. So, experimenting with other pairs is a must if you are trying to find an ideal pair to trade with.

FAQs on most common crypto pairs

What is a Crypto trading pair?

A crypto trading pair is a collection of two cryptocurrencies, where one is the base currency, which is the one you are getting, and the second is the quota currency, which is the one you are selling. Exchanges and brokers create these pairs, and you can trade them like Forex pairs.

What is the most popular crypto trading pair?

The most popular pair when trading crypto is the BTC/ETH pair. This pair consists of two of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market, making it the most desirable pair to trade with. It does not matter which crypto exchange or broker you visit; the chances of not seeing this pair are close to zero. If we include fiat/crypto pairs as well, then this honor is taken by BTC/USD, which consistently has way higher trading volumes.