Is the summer season time for Motorola stock to gain? Will the recent rise in tech stocks still keep moving higher or will the Federal Reserve announce the start of bond tapering and that weigh on stocks?

Over the last 15 years, Motorola has risen a total of 12 times in 15 years between July 26 and September 30 with an average return of +6.54%. The largest gain was in 2009 with a 27.45% gain.

Major Trade Risks: If the Fed announces that they are starting to consider bond tapering next week watch out for a correction in stocks. This is a key risk right now even though markets are still expecting the Fed to remain dovish until there are sufficient signs of a recovery in the US labour market.

Motorola Solutions is an American data communications and telecommunications equipment provider that succeeded Motorola, Inc., following the spinoff of the mobile phone division into Motorola Mobility in 2011.