‘The Art of Currency Trading’ by Brent Donelly is one of the best all-around trading books. Why? For the simple reason, it is written by an actual trader, for traders, that really trade. It also combines fundamental analysis and technical analysis very well together. Of course, it will not replace good daily coaching and mentoring but will compliment anyone who is serious about learning to trade. If there was only one book for beginner traders to use then this would be it.

One of the great parts is the way Brent Donelly goes about managing his capital at risk. It is a really good approach and you can read about it in Part III of the book. Page 198 is also a gem as it has a good crib sheet on currency drivers.

Bottom line: get it. No brainer read.

He has also written another book called ‘Alpha Trader’. That is meant to be very good too.

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