One of the best-selling trading books around is Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards. The premise of the book is the author interviewing a range of different successful traders about their trading styles. This is a compelling book as the different perspectives of different traders are really quite diverse and illuminating.

Discovering the highs and lows of trading from some of these successful traders can be deeply intriguing and just plain fun to read. You can see from the content page some of the traders interviewed here:

Often in life, it is the incidental stories that you read which make for the most interesting part. Discover gripping losing trades recounted in painful detail. Also, follow these traders recounting elation-inducing winning trades. See how many of these successful traders found their way into trading and some of the best lessons that they have learned along the way. Often the road has been quite bumpy and that helps to reveal how challenging the pursuit of trading is.

The other helpful part of these interviews is the range of different markets covered. From futures, currencies, stocks, and commodities to a little bit of everything. It is a bit like having an extended chat with some market veterans as you hear their juicy stories. The good, the bad, the ugly, and all that is in between. It’s a must-read.